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Words to Live With

Write Yrself a New Life

12/25/13 11:46 am - I am sorry we are so nice to you

"You are not the victim
Tho you'd like to make it that way
Pretty girls all gather round
To hear yr side of things
yeah, yr side of things."

7/24/13 12:56 pm

Life behind the screen
is no life at all.

4/29/13 02:19 pm

Pretty sure I saw one of these guys resting in the shade of the garbage can at the bank today.  There are tiny, beautiful things in the most unexpected places.  I got a nervous look from a passing banker for staring at the garbage can with a stupid grin on my face.

Yet I worry for the moth.  The shadow of a garbage can int he midst of a parking lot of a shopping center wasteland is a dangerous place to try to carve out a life.  We do not create enough vital spaces for tiny, beautiful things to thrive.

It is so easy to perish unseen beneath the blind steps of indifferent, well-dressed bankers, to drown in the exhaust of sports utilities vehicles, to starve in a world of conveniently packaged food.

We are not so different.

Godspeed you, black emperor moth.

3/17/12 12:26 pm - Never Forget

September 11, 1973

Never forget the heroes, the valiant who fell victim to Terrorism and Tyranny.

May the music of Victor Jara haunt your dreams.

Never forget.

2/21/12 11:48 pm - Sites that make me feel good about being woman

This happens so rarely in my life, I feel it is wise to share the things that make me feel like, "Hey, it's ok to be me."

Normal Breasts Gallery: http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php
Hairy Pits Club: http://hairypitsclub.tumblr.com/

More to come (hopefully)

10/12/11 11:11 pm - What They Say is True

I used to be a MASTER at MS Paint:

--from a 2005 post on here

9/29/11 09:48 am

My salad days,
When I was green in judgment: cold in blood

Oh wait...

9/18/11 03:00 pm

Write yourself a new life.

9/13/11 08:47 pm - The Best Years

We spent the best years of our lives sitting in empty rooms, waiting for brilliance to strike us. Waiting for a call to action too strong, too loud to ignore. Staring at our own feet, waiting to be swept up in a crowd, joyous with the cry that something must change. We waited for that leader to finally speak all the words we needed to hear before we would shake ourselves awake at long last. Before we would walk outside and look each other in the eyes as the sun shone down on our beautiful bodies and the wind played with our hair.
But instead we sat in empty rooms, staring at our own feet. And if somebody said those words – well, we weren't really listening in the first place.
We were too busy pulling out our hair over our own loneliness, asking the dead, stale air how we let things get so bad. But there was no one to hear or answer our sad, stifled plea.
And when we did venture out, we did not look each other in the eyes. When we made love it was shallow and desperate, never sinking past the skin between us. We did not clasp hands nor recognize nor rejoice in the reflective beauty of our souls – like pieces of a shattered mirror, waiting to be united as part of a great and wonderful mosaic.
Because we spent the best years of our lives sitting in empty rooms, waiting.
We are waiting still.
And we will be waiting for a long time to come. There is no call to action stronger than which sings in our own hearts. But we do not recognize that song as a call to freedom. We have become as stagnant as the air in desolate rooms of houses long abandoned. For all these youthful years we have not flourished – for no living creature can thrive in a vacuum.
Instead we languished. And we languish still.

8/16/10 11:01 am - Part Nine

Which is, coincidentally, the last section I will be posting on here.

Part NineCollapse )
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